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Move Out Information - Spring 2024


General Move Out Information

  • Housing Contracts end on June 15, 2024 at 6PM (PST). Students should plan to move-out within 24 hours of their last final or by June 15, 2024 at 6PM (PST). Campus is active with Commencement from June 14 - 16, 2024, please plan in advance for delays related to parking and transportation.
  • Please keep in mind that LIMITED NUMBERS of moving carts will be available during move out, so we highly encourage you to bring your own carts, dollies, etc. Moving Carts available at the Residence Life Office will be first come first serve. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Please submit HDH Fix-It Tickets as soon as possible.
  • Visit the HDH Spring 2024 Move-Out Information page for additional details.

2024 Move Out Emails Sent to Seventh Residents

2024 Additional Move Out Media

Seventh College Residence Life Move Out Instructions

Once you have completely cleared your room and common spaces of your apartment, please assess your space and make sure that it is left clean. You will be charged for any items/trash left behind. After doing a final assessment of your cleared space, please follow the instructions below to complete your move out process.

I. Key Drop-Off Instructions

Step 1: Collect Key Envelope (Available Starting June 1st, 2024)

Collect a key envelope from the Seventh College Residence Office, located on the 2nd floor of Seventh College West - Building 2.

Step 2: Complete Key Envelope Information

Please fill out the following information listed on Key Envelopes: 

  • Name
  • Student PID
  • Date & Time of Key Drop Off
  • Building, Room Number
  • Indication of Key Status (NOTE: If you have lost your bedroom key, you are still required to complete a key envelope and indicate that you have lost your key - your student account will be charged.)
  • Student Signature

 Please include in Key Envelope:

  • Bedroom Key (NOTE: If you do not return your key upon moving out, you will be charged for a lost key. We cannot accept keys after move out has occurred or through the mail.)
  • Any Temporary Keycards (if applicable - these cards are blank and are NOT your student ID)

Step 3: Drop-Off Key Envelope

Drop your Key Envelope into the key box labeled East or the key box labeled West, according to if your apartment is on the East or West side of Seventh. These key boxes are located next to the Seventh Residence Life Office Front Desk and can be accessed during our regular business hours. After regular business hours, you will be able to access the Residence Life Lobby using your student ID card.

II. Complete the Express Check-Out Form

Complete Form (Available Starting June 1st, 2024)

Once you have fully vacated your space and turned in your keys, complete fill out the Express Check Out form through your Housing Portal on the HDH Undergrad Housing website.

  • Log in with your SSO username & password. 
  • Click on the “Express Check Out” link and complete the form. (NOTE: You MUST complete this form in order to finish your move out process. Failure to do so will result in an "Improper Check Out" and your student account may be charged.)

Move-Out Feedback Survey

We recognize that this is a very busy time, and we would very much appreciate your feedback on your Seventh 2024 Move Out experience via our Move Out Survey so we can continue to improve our move out processes in the future. This survey is anonymous (can be completed by Seventh residents AND family members/loved ones assisting with move out) and will remain open thru Thursday, June 20th, 2024.

Parking During Move Out

As we approach move out, parking will be limited & traffic delays are expected to increase during the week of Monday, June 10th thru Saturday, June 15th. Many campus events such as commencements, ceremonies, and closings are overlapping with move out - students are encouraged to move out before commencement weekend starts on Friday, June 16th if they are able to do so.

Parking Regulations for Friday, June 14th & Saturday, June 15th

  • Scholars Drive North will be north bound only between Northpoint Driveway and Pangea Drive. No entry for move out will be allowed at Northpoint Driveway.
  • Enter campus at Pangea Drive and turn left on Scholars Drive North.
  • Look for signs on the west side of Scholars Drive North for loading areas.
  • To exit campus, travel north on Scholars Drive North toNorthpoint Driveway, turn left.
  • Print and display this college-specific move-out loading voucher (PDF) on your driver’s side dash for access through road closures.

Parking Regulations before Friday, June 14th

The parking lot in front of the Seventh College Residence Life office will be closed to allow for space for larger donation items to be collected. The small 15 minute parking alcove near the Seventh College East Tower will be closed to allow for additional dumpster space. Please follow traffic guidelines and do not park next to the dumpsters, along the red lines, or anywhere else that is not a marked parking space.

Additional Reminders

  • 24 Hour Quiet Hours go into effect at MIDNIGHT on Saturday, June 8, 2024 and remain in effect until the halls close on Saturday, June 15, 2024. Regardless of when your own finals end, please be responsible & considerate by respecting the right of everyone to quiet study & sleep time.
  • Policy violations occurring during the last two weeks of the year may affect future on-campus housing. 

 Packing Reminders for Residents

  • BIKES: Remember to take your bike. Any bikes left behind in buildings or on bike racks will be confiscated and impounded by UC San Diego Police.
  • DONATE: There will be donation bins available for items that you wish to donate. Please do not overflow the donation bins. Any large items can be placed in the closed parking lot in front of Seventh College West Building 2. Keep all sidewalks and walkways clear. For non-perishable food, check out the markets for more donation information. 
  • CHECK AND FORWARD MAIL: Check your mailbox before you leave. Forward your mail to your permanent or summer housing mailing address. Update your address on TritonLink and on any of your personal accounts (such as banking, phone plan, shopping accounts, etc.). Make sure to cancel/update any subscription deliveries.
  • TRASH AND RECYCLABLES: Please be sure to take care of your trash/recyclables early. Students tend to let their trash pile up closer to move out and also leave trash laying around after they move out. Please be courteous of the Custodial Team and do not overflow the dumpster and trash chutes with last-minute trash hauls.