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Our Faculty

Seventh College faculty are committed to developing the next generation of changemakers, global leaders, and visionaries who are equipped to confront the challenges posed by a changing planet.

Virtual Room, Qualcomm Institute
Photo was taken prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The creative, energetic, and accomplished faculty affiliated with Seventh College are from every academic division at UC San Diego. Our faculty play a pivotal role in shaping the academic mission of the College, teaching our Synthesis courses, mentoring students, supervising research projects, and serving on College and campus committees. 

Faculty Spotlight: Edward Wang wins NIH R21 for Smartphone-based Alzheimer’s Screening

Assistant Professor Edward Wang wins a National Institutes of Health (NIH) R21 for work around transforming smartphones into pocket-sized personal health monitors. 

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Edward Wang

Opportunities for Faculty

For faculty, Seventh College provides a venue for interdisciplinary collaboration and shared ideas around the climate crisis and other pressing global issues. In addition, just as the colleges serve as a welcoming community for students, they do the same for faculty as well, providing them with numerous opportunities to meet faculty and students across campus.

Here are a few ways for faculty to get involved:

  • Serve on our Executive Committee (elections occur each Spring)
  • Teach our First-Year Experience course or Transfer-Year Experience course
  • Serve as a faculty mentor for the Triton Research and Experiential Learning Scholars (TRELS) program
  • Talk about your research in our Freshman Honors Seminar (occurs each Winter and Spring)
  • Take part in our Coffee-With-A-Prof or Dine-With-A-Prof program

For more information, contact the Provost’s Office at


Faculty Committees

Executive Committee

The Seventh College Executive Committee oversees the academic mission of the college and helps shape its general education curriculum.

Members for 2021 - 2022

Michael McCullough, Professor of Psychology
Skip Pomeroy, LSOE of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Sarah Stockwell, Assistant Teaching Professor of Ecology, Behavior & Evolution
Kristin Vaccaro, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
Alena Williams, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
Cathy Gere, Chair of Faculty, ex-officio
Kate Antonovics, Provost, ex-officio
Josh Brimmeier, Dean of Student Affairs, ex-officio
Shannon O'Brien, Dean of Academic Advising, ex-officio

High-Impact Advisory Committee

The Seventh College High-Impact Advisory Committee recommends and reviews experiential learning opportunities for the college's High-Impact Requirement.

Patty Ahn, Assistant Professor of Communication
Susan Golden, Distinguished Professor of Molecular Biology
Brian Palenik, Professor at Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Patrick Pannuto, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
Pinar Yoldas, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts

Synthesis Advisory Committee

Members for 2021 - 2022
Fonna Forman, Professor of Political Science
Karl Gerth, Professor of History
Eric Hekler, Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health
Jane Teranes, Teaching Professor - Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Academic Senate Representative Assembly

Delegates for 2021-2022
Lane Kenworthy, Yankelovich Endowed Chair Professor of Sociology
Tom Vogl, Associate Professor of Economics

Alternate Delegates for 2021- 2022
Carol Arcos Herrera , Assistant Professor of Literature 
Skip Pomeroy, LSOE of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Review Committee for Senate Faculty Appointed at the Undergraduate Colleges (RCSFC)

Delegates for 2021-2024
Karl Gerth, Professor of History
Jill Gladstein, Full Teaching Professor/Director of Synthesis Program

Faculty Listing by Division

Arts & Humanities

Carol Arcos Herrera, Literature
Amanda Batarseh, Literature
David Borgo, Music
Mark Dresser, Music
Malik Gaines, Visual Arts
Cathy Gere, History
Karl Gerth, History
Sarah Hankins, Music
Lei Liang, Music
Ping-hui Liao, Literature
Robert McElver, Theatre & Dance
Alena Williams, Visual Arts
Pinar Yoldas, Visual Arts
Yingjin Zhang, Literature

Biological Sciences

Marcus Benna, Neurobiology
Elsa Cleland, Ecology, Behavior & Evolution
Andreas Ernst, Cell & Developmental Biology
Susan Golden, Molecular Biology
Ralph Greenspan, Neurobiology
Alisa Huffaker, Cell & Developmental Biology
Sara Jackrel, Ecology, Behavior & Evolution
Xin Jin, Neurobiology
Hiruy Meharena, Neurobiology
Stephen Mayfield, Molecular Biology
Stephanie Mel, Molecular Biology
Andrew Muroyama, Cell & Developmental Biology
Sarah Stockwell, Ecology, Behavior & Evolution
Kay Tye, Neurobiology

Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute

Berk Ustun 

Jacobs School of Engineering

Alexey Arefiev, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Prabhakar Bandaru, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Albert Chern, Computer Science & Engineering
Karen Christman, Bioengineering
Prasad Gudem, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Melissa Gymrek, Computer Science & Engineering
Nadia Heninger, Computer Science & Engineering
Patricia Hildago-Gonazalez, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Zeinab Jahed, Nanoengineering
David Kamensky, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Boris Kramer, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Kirill Levchenko, Computer Science & Engineering
Niema Moshiri, Computer Science & Engineering
Kenji Nomura, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Patrick Pannuto, Computer Science & Engineering
George Porter, Computer Science & Engineering
Alyssa Powell, Nanoengineering
Gabriel Silva, Bioengineering
Georgios Tsampras, Structural Engineering
Kristen Vaccaro, Computer Science & Engineering
Jon Wade, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Edward Wang, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Pengtao Xie, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Yang Zheng, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Physical Sciences

Michael Burkart, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ioana Dumitriu, Mathematics
Philip Gill, Mathematics
Tongyan Lin, Physics
Thomas Murphy, Physics
Dragos Oprea, Mathematics
Robert Pomeroy, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Erik Romero, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Mattia Serra, Physics
Jonathan Slade, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Julia Stauber, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Luca Spolaor, Mathematics
Zhouli Xu, Mathematics
Liang Yang, Physics

Rady School of Management

Rossen Valkanov

School of Global Policy & Strategy

Jennifer Burney
Teevrat Garg
Joshua Graff Zivin
Emilie Hafner-Burton
Lauren Prather
Nico Ravanilla

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Dovi Kacev
Brian Palenik

Social Sciences

Patty Ahn, Communication
David Arnold, Economics
Adam Aron, Psychology
Amy Bintliff, Education Studies Program
Judd Boomhower, Economics
Suzanne Brenner, Anthropology
Jasper Cooper, Political Science
Tom Csordas, Anthropology
Steven Dow, Cognitive Science
Erik Gartzke, Political Science
Stuart Geiger, Communication
Michael Joseph, Political Science
Lane Kenworthy, Sociology
Scott Klemmer, Cognitive Science
Michael McCullough, Psychology
Katherine Meckel, Economics
Eran Mukamel, Cognitive Science
Paul Niehaus, Economics
Zeynep Pamuk, Political Science
Jim Rauch, Economics
Isabel Rivera-Collazo, Anthropology
Thomas Schmidt, Communication
Fabian Trottner, Economics
Tom Vogl, Economics
David Wiens, Political Science
Michelle Yuan, Linguistics