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Synthesis Program

Students at Planetarium

Seventh College’s theme, “a changing planet” encompasses a broad range of pressing global issues such as the climate crisis, mass migration, and rapid cultural and technological change.

The Seventh College Synthesis Program empowers students with the knowledge and skills to confront the challenges posed by our changing planet.

The program comprises three courses: Synthesis 1, Synthesis 2 and Synthesis 100.  Each course emphasizes the importance of confronting large-scale, global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective and takes a real-world, solutions-oriented approach. In addition, these courses provide a mix of individual and group work, building upon the expertise students gain in their other coursework. Synthesis 1 and Synthesis 2 are lower-division writing-intensive courses, and Synthesis 100 is an upper-division project-based course. 

Synthesis (SYN) 1

Synthesis (SYN) 1 is a lower-division course that asks students to critically examine through an interdisciplinary lens how we communicate about the climate crisis in order to address the question of how we get people to respond and take action. 

Students develop an awareness of not only the message of a text but also of how the author crafted that message. They learn how to assess the purpose, audience, and context of different rhetorical situations. Synthesis 1's culminating project invites students to tell their own climate story or create a proposal for how to raise awareness of the climate crisis with a particular discourse community. 

Synthesis (SYN) 2 - Launching Fall 2021

Synthesis 2 is a lower division course that builds upon the skills developed in Synthesis 1.  Students explore different research methods and apply them to an interdisciplinary research project around the climate crisis or an interrelated challenge such as food security, mass migration, or racial justice.

Synthesis (SYN) 100 - Launching Fall 2022

Synthesis 100 is an upper division project-based course that builds on skills developed in Synthesis 1 and Synthesis 2 by taking a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to solving complex problems.

Additional Questions?

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