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Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where do I register for Orientation?

To register for your college orientation program, go to

Are all three parts of the Seventh College orientation program required?

Yes, all three parts of the Seventh College orientation program are mandatory. If you do not complete one or more parts of the orientation experience, a hold may be placed on your account.

I am having technical difficulties registering for Orientation. What do I do?

Before you can register for Part I of your Seventh College Orientation Experience, you must activate your UCSD Zoom account. To do so, follow the instructions under "Getting Started" on the UC San Diego Zoom webpage.

If you have already activated your Zoom account or are experiencing difficulties registering for Orientation Part III, please email

Can I change my in-person orientation session?

Students can change their registration for Orientation Part III once before July 28, 2023 via the College Orientation Registration website. If you need to change your session after this date or for a second time, please email

How can I ensure my in-person orientation session does not conflict with move-in?

Students who have applied for UC San Diego housing and met all requirements will be able to select their move-in day/time and should choose a time that does not conflict with their pre-selected orientation session. More information about move-in will be released over the summer.

Parent, Family & Triton Supporter Questions

Does Seventh College have a Family Orientation?

Seventh College is committed to providing parents and families with the tools required to be a successful Triton supporter. We will share important resources and reminders for your student via our summer newsletter series, offer an opportunity for you to meet Seventh College staff via Zoom, and collaborate with various campus partners to host webinars specifically designed for parents and families during the summer.