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Our Staff

Provost Office

  • Kate Antonovics

    Kate Antonovics

  • Jessica Pham

    Jessica Pham

    Operations and Programs Analyst

Academic Advising

  • Shannon O'Brien

    Shannon O'Brien

    Dean of Academic Advising
  • Cyrus Steele

    Cyrus Steele

    Senior Academic Advisor
  • Stephanie Pineda

    Stephanie Pineda

    Academic Advisor

Student Affairs and Residence Life

  • Josh Brimmeier

    Josh Brimmeier

    Dean of Student Affairs
  • Carey Wallace

    Carey Wallace

    Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
  • Joseph Villegas

    Joseph Villegas

    Senior New Student Programs Specialist
  • Joanne Engler

    Joanne Engler

    Interim Director of Residence Life
  • Sarah Ruelas

    Sarah Ruelas

    Assistant Director of Residence Life
  • Jana Fryman

    Jana Fryman

    Residence Life Coordinator
  • Christine Do

    Residence Life Program Assistant
  • Tracy Dorfman

    Executive Assistant for Dean of Student Affairs

Synthesis Program

  • Jill Gladstein

    Jill Gladstein

    Director/Full Teaching Professor

Counseling and Psychological Services

Student Success Coach